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Your IT system – whatever its size or age – is capable of so much more. We’re specialists in making it work harder for you.

We can create or upgrade your network infrastructure, improve efficiency and futureproof your business. We can deliver projects, large and small, to the highest standards. But we also think beyond the obvious, adding business value wherever possible, problem-solving through innovation. And it’s this that sets Odema apart.

  • 1,365,000 miles of cable laid
  • 30 Fully trained engineers available nationwide
  • 30 Fully trained engineers available nationwide
  • £750,000+ Saved through Odema recommended and introduced tech

Our Services

We’re leaders in I.T. supply and maintenance. We’re renowned for our integrity, trust and openness, and our dedication to technical expertise, quality and reliability. From simple tasks to creating bespoke software, our team has all the expertise you need. And with full in-house testing facilities, at Odema we check every system works as you want it to before we install it – minimising any disruption to your business.

  • Router switch and AP configuration
  • Side by sides and tandem order points
  • Supplier & installer of order taking tablets
  • Infrastructure cabinets
  • Server migration & back up
  • CCTV
  • Server virtualisation
  • Coin dispensers
  • Network design
  • Suppliers of hardware and software consumables
  • Digital menu boards
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Self-order kiosks
  • Wireless installations
  • Drive through COD

Our Key Sectors

We’ve worked with a variety of clients across many sectors. From local coffee shops to major multinational brands. Here are the main areas we have experience in.

  • Commercial


    From installing smart meters to office IT infrastructure, cabling and terminals, this is a rapidly-expanding area of expertise.

  • Retail


    Our point-of-sale systems and IT infrastructure are renowned for their innovative features and exceptional reliability in many different retail environments.

  • QSR

    We’re one of the most experienced providers of IT support to Quick Service Restaurants, developing many innovations to improve customer experience.

  • Hospitality


    We have wide-ranging experience in providing IT systems for some of the UK’s leading hotel and bar chains.

Built on Success

We’ve worked with a variety of clients across many sectors. From local coffee shops to major multinational brands.

McDonalds Restaurants

We have remained one of McDonalds preferred suppliers of choice due to the unparalleled service that we provide. Over the 15 years of our relationship we have built a strong reputation based on leadership in engineering excellence and cost effective reliable support, so much so that we have been awarded the IT Supplier of the Year award on a number of occasions.

The McDonalds estate includes over 1200 stores in a variety of locations such as traditional high streets, shopping centres, retail parks, roadside locations, leisure centres, railway and airport terminals and motorway service areas.

We also actively support the RHMC – Ronald McDonald House Charity with both IT support and fund raising events.

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